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Andrew was the brother of Peter (Simon) (John 1 v 40 – 42), and their families shared a home, (Matt 4 v 18).

He is always described as the brother of Simon Peter, not the other way around.

Their father’s name is John (Matt 16 v 17)

Their hometown is Bethsaida, a village on the north shore of Galilee.

Andrew is listed as one of the first four disciples called.

Andrew was the one that told Jesus about the boy with the five loaves and two fish that Jesus fed 5000 people with. (John 6 v 8-9)

The last mention of Andrew is in Acts 1 v 12-14

There was various tales of about Andrew. That he was martyred on a X-shaped cross.  One tells that after he died his arm was taken to Scotland as a relic, and he became the patron saint of Scotland. The Roman and Greek church calendars have his death on the 30 November.

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